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Thursday, December 23, 2004

share the love

we gotta share the love...

-the gangstantanious Dr. Frier himself

Sunday, December 05, 2004


This one goes out to all the yokels in th' crowd t'night,

So, mah freend (Gorkster) an' I were playin' Floggin' Molly's "Worst day sin' Yestuhday" an' wee were playin' it with him on the guitar and me on saxomophone. It sounded purty good. Wee're holdin' a mini-concert on New Year's Eve. He's playin' "The General" by Dispatch, wee're playing together "I Will Survive", the Cake version, "Worst Day" (see above) an' then with a group o' freends wee're gonna play "Scapegoat" by Chumbawumba. It's gonna purty cool. Maybe be wee'll record it; post it on the syte.

Hootenany In Style Mah Freends,

friguy out.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Pardon Me As Oi Forgot

Roight, Listen Up Please,

--Oi forgot to tell you about moi favourite sites in the whole woid world (www). Most Appologies, Please Forgive Me. Rather...so they are as follows: red vs. blue, warthog jump, halo.bungie.org, and moi personal favourite: ajman098.blogspot.com where you do not have to listen to me prettendin to be someoin else through outrageous accentual writing styles (such pish-posh really). Rather...


Howdy Peeplez

Hey Crowd,

--AJMAN098 is here and shouting out to himself(?) cause heez making a DVD that will be given to YOOZ free if you want one. Iz hiz HALO POI PROJECT, which roolz, and you can find more about at ajman098.blogspot.com.

share the life, share the love (YES YOOZ)


Welcome Peeps


How's it goin' this is friguy's first blizzle and you WON' be disappointed.


Party On Me Brethren,

friguy out.